Our AKA team at the DSME shipyard in South Korea on the H.3509, simulated a short circuit test using cascade testing on both generators and live short circuit testing was successfully done on the same vessel. The 3509 is an Ultra-Deepwater Drillship of 5 sister ships equipped with AKA’s integrated DP3 Closed Bus-Tie/Closed Ring Operation System and Hybrid Drill Floor System. The test was executed successfully as the system performed in a highly predictable manner.


Both the live and simulating tests were witnessed by Transocean, Shell, DNV-GL Consulting, DNV Class, and DSME. Representatives from Shell were very impressed with the cascade testing exercise.

In addition to the cascade testing, AKA’s monitoring device was demonstrated. The monitoring device detects and alarms any change on critical device parameters. This was witnessed by DNV-GL Consulting.

This represents a major milestone in implementing advanced risk management strategies developed by Transocean and AKA. The implementation of these risk management strategies  removes hidden failures that can compromise the entire power plant, resulting in the increased reliability and predictability of our systems.

Witnesses expressed immense satisfaction with the progress and successful testing demonstrated over the two week period. They recognized this is a result of a disciplined approach over many years and said this system is clearly the best they have ever been exposed to.

Our guests also thanked us for making them feel a part of our team during their stay in South Korea.