AKA / Green Energy / Energy Storage System (ESS)

Green Energy: Energy Storage System (ESS)


Energy Time Shift

Capable of charging during off‐peak hours and then injecting or displacing load during peak load hours.

Provides System Frequency Regulation and Load Balancing

With the increase in variable generation (VG) and larger forecast uncertainty the requirement to control power system frequency and maintain the balance between load and generation increases.

Capable of Activation and Delivery within a Short Period of Time

AKA’s ESS can provide the additional resources and be activated and begin energy delivery promptly.

Load Following and Ramping

KA’s ESS can help offset peak ramp periods with a primarily carbon‐free alternative.

Additional Operating Reserve Capabilities

AKA’s ESS can offer additional operating reserve to help manage variable generation and demand forecast anomalies.

AKA’s energy storage system (ESS) provides supplemental power and redundancy. It provides increased system efficiencies through better energy management, minimizing diesel generator and grid supply dependencies. The drop-in-place design enables a simplified and efficient integration in to existing power plants. It is built upon AKA’s advanced active front end (AFE) power conversion design integrated with customizable energy storage technologies to suit specific applications.

AKA’s ESS has plug and play unit operation. Each container unit is autonomous, increasing system reliability. The energy storage housing includes integrated environmental controls and system cooling in self contained modules. The housings can be tailored for specific site applications and with the parallel unit configuration it allows for scalable energy storage solutions

AKA’s ESS strengthens an installation’s power grid through power regulation and can allow for deferral of investment in power distribution and transmission. The energy storage system provides cost savings opportunities through reduced utility bills by lowering demand charges and providing the ability to participate in demand response programs.

The energy storage system monitoring and controls are integrated within the control station interface. The system monitoring provides remote connectivity enabling external system monitoring.

Other features include:

Transmission Connected Voltage Control
When properly located AKA’s ESS can help maintain acceptable voltage levels in transmission zones.

Congestion Relief
AKA’s ESS alleviates transmission constraints by time‐shifting energy, helping to defer marginal transmission upgrade needs in load centers.


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