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Industrial: E-House


  • Manufactured in controlled indoor facility;
  • Tailored design, engineering and assembly, fit-out, and factory tested (including special seismic, thermal and acoustic requirements);
  • Modularized execution for big projects with offered shipping and minimal site work;
  • Mobile container for small-scale needs;
  • Convenient transportation options (by truck, barge or combined);
  • Installation and quality control on site;
  • Full turnkey solution, installation and project management;
  • Full factory testing and pre-commissioning prior to shipping;
  • All internal components are fully tested and certified;
  • Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015.


    AKA’s E-houses are pre-manufactured stationary or modular
    enclosures that integrate high, medium and low voltage electrical, control and safety components, as well as auxiliary components. E-houses are designed to ensure the safety of critical and valuable technological processes and electrical equipment across different industries.

    AKA’s typical E-house is composed of:

    • Metal insulated or uninsulated building or container for a particular environment;
    • Low, medium and high voltage switchgears;
    • Low and medium voltage transformers;
    • Low and medium voltage motor control centers;
    • Low and medium voltage Variable Frequency drives;
    • Battery systems and related products;
    • Cables, cable trays and accessories;
    • Raised floor;
    • Mechanical, electrical and control systems for the building,
      including lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire
      protection, alarm system, CCTV system, access control systems,
      SCADA, etc.

    AKA offers exceptional resources to fabricate E-houses within our 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility. AKA pre-manufactures E-houses in frame-built modules or within ISO containers to ensure easy delivery and handling at the destination. The modules are assembled in a controlled environment manufacturing facility. Each E-house is customized to suit different applications and environmental conditions.

    Each module is tested at our facility where AKA conducts partial load tests. AKA has a proven track record of factory testing requiring minimal on-site commissioning. The finished AKA’s E-houses are steel structures with corrugated siding on the exterior and steel sheet walls on the interior. Each E-house contains the specified alarm equipment, HVAC, switchgear, lighting, cabling and all other necessary equipment.


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