Aspin Kemp & Associates (AKA) and KOTUG International are pleased to announce the launch of RT Adriaan – Europe’s first hybrid tugboat. In early March, RT Adriaan re-entered operation in the Port of Rotterdam as an “e-KOTUG”, retrofitted with AKA’s XeroPoint Hybrid Propulsion System.

“We are very encouraged with the early results of the e-KOTUG since its conversion to a hybrid Rotor®Tug and we are looking forward to realizing the environmental and economical savings that are to come” says Daan Merkelbach – Nautical & QHSE Manager, KOTUG International.

“Teaming up with KOTUG International to provide Europe’s first hybrid tugboat has been a rewarding experience for everyone involved. KOTUG’s Go Green Initiative and their forward-thinking corporate philosophy has allowed us to maximize the potential benefits of the hybrid system onboard RT Adriaan” says Paul Jamer – vice president Corporate Development, AKA.

Encouraged and inspired by the hybrid tugs of Foss Maritime in the Port of Long Beach, California, there is now a patented and certified hybrid Rotor®Tug. The partnership between AKA & KOTUG has resulted in an environmentally friendly and fuel-saving tugboat with expected reductions of 50% in emissions and 25% in fuel consumption. The XeroPoint Hybrid system ensures that RT Adriaan’s power plant is configured to maximize efficiency and reduce the unnecessary use of diesel engines.

The Hybrid “e-KOTUG”: Clean and simple

Reduced emissions of CO2, NOx, SOx and PM: With XeroPoint Hybrid technology, engines run at or near best efficiency and only when needed. Lower fuel usage and cleaner combustion contribute to reducing harmful emissions.

Improved fuel economy: Main engines of Rotor®Tugs are designed for a high output. Because hybrid technology shares the propulsion load between diesel and electrical sources, it means no unnecessary idling.

Noiseless: For standing-by or for very low power operations, electrical energy storage permits the vessel to be operated in noiseless zero emissions mode, with no rotating machinery running.

Maintenance savings: Hybrid technology means minimized engine use and more time between engine overhauls and oil and filter changes.

Healthy Workplace: Hybrid technology allows engines to be shut down at sea. Fast switching from hybrid modes with electrical engines to conventional modes with diesel engines is possible. For low power operations e-KOTUG is fully operable on battery power alone.