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Marine Power: Solid State Generator


  • Fewer diesel generators required online during operations and can reduce the number of generator start/stops.

  • Improves system stability caused by slow response of engines to load demand.

  • Reduces thrusters load ramp limits enabling quickly available thrust force providing vessel fast responsiveness enhancing manoeuvring capabilities, thus increasing safety.

  • Reduces power system vulnerability to faults in externally supported systems.

  • Reduces operating costs due to optimised fuel consumption and lowers engine maintenance.

  • Reduces the risk of blackout by operating energy storage as Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), and in case of blackout enables quick power system recovery

AKA’s solid state generator is an innovative energy storage bridging system. It is built upon AKA’s advanced active front end (AFE) power conversion design integrated with energy storage technology to suit the application. The system offers bi-directional power flow, shaves short-duration peak loads and provides instantaneous cycle smoothing for large step load increases or when an existing source is lost (e.g. failure of a diesel gen).

AKA’s solid state generator can be sized to maintain the electrical supply to equipment during the starting and connection to the main switchboard of the standby generator in the event of the loss of any one generator in service. As an example; where the main source of electrical power is necessary for propulsion and steering of a vessel the electrical supply will be automatically and continuously maintained by the solid state generator to ensure the safety of the vessel. AKA’s solid state generator also provides automatic load shedding in order to safeguard continuity of the electrical power supply when the total load exceeds the rated capacity of the running generator without the disconnection of services.

The solid state generator provides supplemental power and redundancy while reducing system inefficiencies and achieving fuel and emission savings.

The “drop-in-place” design of the solid state generator enables a simplified and efficient integration into the existing power plant while the vessels are in service.

Other features include:

  • Allows for emission free operation when the vessel operates in Emission Control Areas (ECAs), close to harbour, or entering/leaving harbour.
  • Easy integration with existing power management systems and load shedding systems.
  • 100% static design (no major moving components).
  • Minimal use of hazardous substances.
  • Enhanced longevity through use of ultra- capacitor energy storage (compared to chemical battery based approaches) is available.
  • A highly modular and scalable system, with the option to add energy storage at a later date.


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