AKA / Marine Power / XeroPoint Hybrid Propulsion

Marine Power: XeroPoint Hybrid Propulsion


  • Reduced emissions and operational environmental footprint.

  • Capture and store energy that would be wasted or is cheaper than the average cost.

  • Reduced fuel costs.

  • Reduced maintenance and life cycle support costs.

  • Increased reliability.

  • Smaller footprint and cost to a diesel electric configuration.

  • Increased performance – important where modern diesels are detuned to meet emission targets

  • Intrinsically safe operation is available.

AKA’s XeroPoint Hybrid Propulsion System has captured the attention of the marine industry with significant economic and environmental savings.

The XeroPoint hybrid system is comprised of a diesel engine and an electric motor that independently or simultaneously drive a propulsion shaft.

The XeroPoint hybrid system configures the most effective power and propulsion options to meet the needs of the vessel’s operation. The multiple system configurations also provide redundancy by offering alternate sources of power to the vessel.

Applicable to a wide range of vessels, the hybrid system presents a clean and simple solution that is customizable to a vessel’s power and propulsion requirements.

The XeroPoint hybrid system integrates electrical and mechanical devices onboard a vessel to provide optimal modes of operation for power and propulsion. The hybrid system’s energy management system strives to eliminate the unnecessary idling of diesel engines by determining the most efficient configuration of the electrical and mechanical devices onboard at any given time.