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Oil & Gas: Advanced Thruster Control and Protection (ATCAP)


Frequency Based Phase Back

At 100% plant load, the AKA ATCAP system will reduce the thruster variable frequency drive power consumption to prevent an overload.
If an overload condition occurs, the AKA ATCAP system will shed thruster load and allow the plant to recover and operate under 100% load

Autonomous Stand Alone Control

The AKA ATCAP system does allow full control of the thruster as well as allow full autonomous control. The thruster does not rely on any external source or resource to be operational and available.

Main Bus Disturbance Response

The AKA ATCAP system detects status of thruster auxiliaries and engages these as necessary.
Should a main power disturbance momentarily disable auxiliaries, the AKA ATCAP system will response with logic to allow thruster ride-through and recover auxiliaries when the main buses is again within specification

The AKA Advanced Thruster Control and Protection (ATCAP) provides both predictable and favorable thruster behavior under normal and non-normal conditions. 

The ATCAP approach to thruster stability takes advantage of combining the UPS, feeder, and thruster infrastructure control system to provide an all-encompassing to thruster operations in DP systems.

The UPS provides the required supply with heightened redundancies and tolerance. The feeder system offers protection logic for supply from the medium voltage switchboard. The thruster infrastructure controller engages these systems to help provide a seamless connection via health monitoring, pre-magnetization, and bus pre-charge. Together they form the ATCAP system which stands out against all other typical vessel thruster systems.

The ATCAP system contributes to thruster autonomy, reliability, and predictability. The predictable behavior is such that when a thruster is exposed to any event, it will perform as expected.


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