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Redundant Power Sources

The high availability distribution bus provides multi-sourced power for the critical AC loads required to support the operation of diesel engines. It is a device that selects power from several sources.

High Availability

During a power disturbance, the possibility may exist that one of the sources has been damaged, and the high availability bus will engage an alternate source if the one in use is disabled.

Engages Pneumatic Fuel Pump

The high availability distribution bus will engage an air powered (pneumatic) fuel pump if none of the AC power sources are available.

Typical drillship power plants rely on conventional distribution systems for sustaining power to critical AC loads such as generator auxiliaries and fuel systems.

AKA’s high availability distribution bus uses a designed redundancy system to allow for multiple power sources to feed these types of critical systems. The high availability distribution system is also capable of creating a selection and redundancy scheme between various available auxiliaries as well. This allows for a redundant architecture involving supplies and loads. In the event that one distribution scheme is lost or unavailable, AKA’s high availability distribution bus will immediately select another based on configurable selection logic.


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