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Services: Hazardous Area Inspection – exTRAK


  • Mitigates risk

  • Simplifies Inspections

  • Increases reliability

  • Guarantees safety in the survey process

  • Ensures legislative compliance for hazardous area equipment installations

ExTRAK provides a more efficient way to inspect, track and maintain hazardous area equipment. The ExTRAK software is designed to simplify hazardous area inspection, mitigate risk, increase reliability and guarantee safety in the survey process, as well as ensure legislative compliance for hazardous area equipment installations.

The ExTRAK system is capable of managing all your assets from multiple hazardous locations through a single installation. 

ExTRAK provides the following  modes of operation:

  • Import, to import structured content from a defined spreadsheet structure; 
  • Export, to export data from the PC database in the form of a spreadsheet. The exported spreadsheet can be used to print a list of all the assets; 
  • Update, to modify asset details. Where field information is limited to particular values a drop-down list is provided to choose the appropriate value; and 
  • Reports, provides pre-formatted reports for:
    • Inspection Defects;
    • Hazardous Area Equipment Register (HAER);
    • Next Inspection Schedule including overdue notification; and
    • Defect history 


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