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  • Captures system-specific configuration data including the communications interface (auxiliary tools and software) for every programmable device in the plant, including common configurations. 

  • Controls and maintains current and historical configuration files in a single location. 

  • Protects configuration files using a “Check-In” “Check-Out” vault feature (password protected) providing differing levels of accessibility to ensure maximum security. 

  • Provides device-specific operational documentation, verification images of devices as well as step-by-step procedures for connection to, and interaction with, configurable devices. 

  • Software Registry lists every captured programmable configuration of the systems in the plant. The software registry provides auditable evidence of the device information included in deviceTRAK. 

  • Searchable Database makes specific information easy to find. Searches can be done based on system, sub system or device name to quickly locate the material required. 

  • SQL Database delivers predictable, secure and scalable performance. deviceTRAK is built on an industry recognized platform. 

  • Network Ready design provides connectivity in the plant where required. deviceTRAK allows safe sharing of data when multiple people view the same information at the same time.

DeviceTRAK is a unique configuration management regimen that captures, controls and protects system specific configuration settings and support software for programmable devices. AKA provides the DeviceTRAK software ready for database population and the professional installers for initial software installation and database population. This assures that all information is current and accurate.

In the event of a component failure, spare parts are a necessity. With the proliferation of automation and electronics used in modern plants, addressing system failures is not as easy as simply replacing that component.

Replacing PLCs, motor drives, adjustable circuit breakers and timers are possible, but if the configuration files or programmable settings of that device are unknown, the device and potentially the entire system can remain inoperable.

DeviceTRAK stores identified connection hardware and software for use with specific devices and the onsite location of these items for easy reference. Step-by-step procedures are provided for connection to, and interaction with, devices including: 

  • Load to Device,
  • Save to Flash,
  • Restore Configuration File, and
  • Compare Configuration Files.

Original equipment manufacturers’ documents are stored for reference as required and device images are displayed for additional verification of the programmable device. The available benefits include;

  • Assists long term system operation and integrity. Plant maintainers can confidently diagnose faults and re-program defective devices using the correct configuration, auxiliary tools and step-by-step procedures.
  • Database is updatable from onsite or remote locations with unique user access capabilities.
  • Provides a single controlled source for all programmable device data, alleviating the need to search for configuration files and the uncertainty caused by their unknown programming accuracy.
  • Previous configuration files are kept in the archive should there be a need to revert to previous configurations at any point.
  • Eliminates inconsistencies by identifing devices in the database with the naming convention used onsite and on the device itself. Device images verify that proper information is being retrieved for the devices being attended.


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