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Oil & Gas: High Reliability Power Plant


Improved Reliability
AKA’s systems improve fault detection capabilities, eliminate potential faults and reduce the consequences of a fault.

Increased Availability
AKA’s systems minimize the post fault recovery time, reducing the time a system is offline.

Reduced Operating Costs
AKA’s systems incorporate hybrid energy storage systems (HESS) and revolutionary distribution arrangements and technologies to ensure power plants are performing efficiently.

Predictable Performance
AKA’s systems perform with expected responses to both normal and nonnormal conditions.

By using a disciplined design process, AKA has improved the reliability and increased the availability of conventional offshore drilling power plants. As a result, AKA has also shifted the paradigm for fuel efficiency in offshore drilling industry.

AKA’s High Reliability Power Plant includes:

  • Advanced Generator Protection (AGP) with DP3 Closed Bus Operation

  • High Availability Distribution Bus

  • Advanced Thruster Control and Protection System (ATCAP)

  • Pre-Magnetization System

  • Autonomous Tie Breaker

  • Hybrid Drillfloor

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply System (UPS)

  • Emergency Generator Incomer

Other features include:

Collaborative Development

AKA works with our clients to provide solutions to satisfy their unique power and automation needs.

Life Cycle Support

From engineering consulting and design to commissioning and field service, AKA stands with you. We are here to support you with the continued success of your installations.


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