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  • Reduces the system learning period and provides access to the necessary information required for troubleshooting.

  • Personnel can identify any physical device and use the component’s device number to quickly access the appropriate area of the IDS™ for more information.

  • Provides easy access to any system document from any PC or laptop. This provides critical on-site support for end users and project personnel during installation, commissioning and operation.

  • Relieves the client’s design team of the arduous task of translating and formatting technical information into user friendly documents.

  • Documents are produced and presented as though they were original client documents.

The Integrated Documentation System (IDS™) is a fundamental component of AKA’s engineering process. The IDS™ provides a complete documentation package that fully details the engineering scope of supply and details the integration of all vendor equipment. 

The final documentation package of a system references all supplied equipment. It includes; operational philosophies, technical specifications, operation/maintenance procedures, parts lists, mechanical drawings, electrical schematics, and system software.

AKA’s documentation team works collaboratively with the client to produce the required documentation. The documentation development process ensures the highest quality of project deliverables. 

The IDS™ development process includes the following tasks: 

  • Project documentation familiarization;
  • Assessment of client needs and source document gap analysis;
  • Resource acquisition;
  • Overall design of deliverables;
  • Storyboarding;
  • Overall graphic design;
  • Database population;
  • Revision tracking;
  • In-depth project technical familiarization;
  • Issue tracking;
  • Technical writing;
  • Technical illustration; and
  • IDS™ E-DOCS creation.

Other features include:

  • Mission critical data such as PLC programs and programmable device configuration files can be archived as part of the E-DOCS collection.
  • The IDS™ documents are reproducible. All documents are electronically stored and can be reproduced in their original quality as required.

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